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          Welcome to the PERIODYSSEY PRESS page. Periodyssey Press is the publishing arm of Periodyssey. The Press publishes reference books on magazines and on magazine writers and illustrators. We published our first title in 1997.

          Periodyssey Press announces the publication of its latest titles:


T.W. Strong

Pioneer Publisher of Pictorial Paper
  Quarto.  16 pp.  Illustrated.  This is an off-print of an article by Richard Samuel West that appeared in the Ephemera News, Summer 2009, profiling the life of T. W. Strong (1817-1892), engraver, printer, and publisher of such magazines as the Illustrated American News and Yankee Notions.  $5 + $2 s&h  


The Light That Failed

The History of an Unknown Magazine that Published the Work of a Galaxy of Emerging Stars
  Octavo.  24 pp.  Illustrated.  This is an off-print of an article by Richard Samuel West that appeared in American Periodicals, Fall 2009, detailing the history of Light (Chicago, 1889-1891), home to the first or early work of Will Bradley, W.W. Denslow, Fernand Lundgren, Hy Mayer, Peter Newell, and Horace Taylor, to name the most prominent.  $5 + $2 s&h  


William Newman
A Victorian Cartoonist in London and New York

By Jane E. Brown
and Richard Samuel West

88 pages, 43 illustrations, paperbound

  William Newman, A Victorian Cartoonist in London and New York, tells the story of a forgotten 19th century cartoonist who was one of the founders of Punch and was later the chief cartoonist for Frank Leslie's Budget of Fun during the Civil War. Brown and West recount his life story: poor working class roots in London, a decade on Punch, author of more than a dozen children's books, the first cartoonist to immortalize Lincoln in caricature, America's most exciting cartoonist during the Civil War.  
This is a groundbreaking book; it solves former mysteries and dispels certain myths. Iím delighted that Brown and West came together to create this significant work.
Gary Bunker
From Rail-Splitter to Icon:
Lincolnís Image in Illustrated Periodicals, 1860-1865

Currently out of print.


The San Francisco
An Illustrated History

By Richard Samuel West

iv+330 pp., bibliography, index 

One hundred illustrations (eighty-eight are full-page plates, nearly all reproduced in full-color)

Limited to 400 signed and numbered hardback copies.

            The San Francisco Wasp: An Illustrated History tells the story of one of the most colorful and unusual magazines ever published in America. Though The Wasp was a fixture on San Francisco newsstands for sixty-five years, it is best remembered for its glory days during the 19th century when, as a chromolithographic weekly devoted to politics and satire, it was the most widely read magazine on the West Coast. Now, for the first time, The Waspís story has been told, accompanied by 100 cartoons from the magazine, nearly all of them as they first appeared -- in full color.  
  Richard Samuel Westís The San Francisco Wasp: An Illustrated History is a great read and a terrific contribution to magazine and California history. The section on Ambrose Bierceís years with the magazine is truly wonderful.  
  Gary F. Kurutz
Director of Special Collections
California State Library

Price: $90, plus $12 S&H (domestic only)

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